Roger's Peak is at the very end of the North Fork of the San Joaquin river, from camp I headed up stream on the snow having to be careful where I crossed as I could see the river flowing below camp.

The route goes to end and of the valley and then you go up the north side of the southeast ridge until you get to the top of the ridge. That was pretty straightforward if fairly steep. There was some rock scrambling to be done in order to get to the top.

Mt. Davis, Banner Peak and Mt. Ritter from the top of Mt. Rodgers.
Looking down the range of mountains to the southwest. Electra Peak is two peaks down the range.
Looking to the west, Half Dome and Yosemite Valley are in the center of the picture.
Looking to the northeast, Mt Dana is the pyramid shaped peak on the horizon. 

I found the summit register, and I found my Dad's name from many years before. There  were remarks about an older one that had been taken to Bancroft.

My Dad's signature in the summit register

I headed back down the way I had come, my GPS said I was going 22.2 MPH when I glissaded the north side of the south east ridge.

I hiked back to camp and took another nap. In the afternoon it stormed and rained and I wasn't certain that I was going to be able to do Electra Peak and the one between it and Mt. Rodgers.

I got a forecast with my inReach and eventually it cleared up, however I decided to get a much earlier start than I had for Mt. Rodgers as it would be much longer and the weather didn't look nearly as nice.