The day after climbing Mt. Ritter was mostly a rest day. I got up late and headed for Mt. Davis around noon. I packed my gear and hiked to the west end of Lake Catherine where I took some photos and left my big back pack behind.

The hike up to the top was rather straightforward and relatively flat compare to both Banner and Ritter. It was mostly just long with a few ups and downs but nothing major.

Banner and Ritter from the top of Mt. Davis The route is basically straight towards Ritter on snow.

I found the summit register and was the first ascent of the summer, the entries went all of the way to 1991.

I took some pictures and then headed back to where I had dropped my large backpack.

Looking south down the North Fork of the San Joaquin River from the top of Mt. Davis
Looking west towards the Boundary Peak and Thousand Island Lake.
Looking north towards Mt. Rogers and Lyell Peak

The trip back to North Glacier pass was uneventful and I put my big pack on and headed down the pass to the North Fork of San Joaquin River.

Banner and Ritter from the pass just above frozen Lake Catherine.

I made it down the pass and headed up the glacial canyon to prepare for climbing Mt. Rogers in the morning. Going down in places was slightly hairy and and slid at least once. It was again fairly flat although I was really exhausted by the time I set up camp.

Mt Ritter from camp.

I took some more pictures and studied the route before going to sleep.

Looking towards Mt. Rogers from camp, the route goes up and then around from the right.