After doing Boundary Peak in Nevada, I headed into California and because the road over Tioga Pass was closed, had to adjust my plans. I was thinking about hiking in the Sierras from the west side, but decided that I would try some hikes on the east side instead.

I drove up towards Walker lake and setup camp, before heading out on a hike around 10:00 am or so. The road was in bad shape with lots of bumps and ruts and I pulled off at a campsite before the end.

I hiked up to Walker lake and from there up Mono pass. Parts of the trail were very snow covered  and I had to cross the creek on a snow bridge. I reached the lake at the top of the pass and had lunch. Then I continued all of the way through the pass to other side.

Looking across the canyon towards Mt. Lewis

At this point I was inside of Yosemite National Park, there were a few old mining cabins and traces of mining from the early 1900's. I could see lots of snow covered mountains in the distance,  some of which I would climb on a different trip several weeks later.

Looking into Yosemite and the Kuna Crest from Mono Pass

The hike out was rather uneventful and I spent the next day as a rest day.