Since I had gotten lost on Day 2, most of day three was spend retracing my steps and getting back on the right path. I woke up, had my breakfast, tried to go a little farther up the canyon before realizing that I had made the complete wrong turn at the bridge and headed back down the canyon.

I crossed the bridge at about noon or so and began hiking up the correct canyon, stopping for lunch in an area with burned out trees.

Burned out forest along the trail

I passed the trail intersection that comes from the Wind River Reservation, where an outfitter had set up a tent and had several horses.

I passed many beautiful meadows and was able to see the Gannet Peak for the very first time of the trip.

Looking towards Gannet Peak

I hiked until it was dark, having passed one older couple with external frame backpacks, one single man who was thinking about turning around and a father and son team who did turn around.

I got to camp and after I was all set up with my tarp, I was startled by a single cow elk that wandered through. I took several time lapses with my camera, and then went to sleep.