I woke up in no hurry and began the hike up the hill, having first looked for tipi rings, and taking more photos.

After the crest of the hill,

Looking south from the crest of the hill.

I was passed by two hikers trailing a llama each. They carried no gear, except the pistol one had, and moved a lot faster than me. It seemed like the way to travel.

Just before treeline, I passed two parties, the first making noise with their bear bells and carrying bear spray, while the in the second, they all had large revolvers. It was quite an interesting contrast.

I made it back down the switchbacks and then turned left up the canyon because I wanted to see the B-24 wreck the next day. I got in early, so there was plenty of time to think and I picked some berries and spent some time next to the river.

The stream.