In the morning, I woke up late not feeling very good. I had breakfast and went back down the trail to look for my other shoe, which I found laying on top of the snow not far from camp.

I decided to do Blacktop Peak, so I hiked up next to Crest Creek all the way to the the southeast side of the peak and gained the summit from there. I was pretty easy going, I just wasn't feeling great.

Looking southwest from Blacktop Peak, Mt. Ritter is the tall peak in the center and Mt. Rogers is on the far right.
Looking directly south from Blacktop peak.
Looking east towards Mt. Wood with the White Mountains on the horizon.
Parker Pass from Blacktop Peak. Through the pass Mt. Gibbs is on the left and Mt. Lewis on the right.

From the summit I walked over the west edge and took some more photographs and then headed back across. On my way back across the summit plateau I found remnants from an airplane crash, small pieces of metal and plastic.

Airplane fragment.

From the summit I then retraced my steps all the way around and then back to camp. I still wasn't feeling very good. So I just stayed in camp and had a rest day.